Main sectors of activity

The strategic areas identified by DASS could be briefly described as follows:

Advanced services for civil and environmental protection, for citizen safety and monitoring, for the forecast and management of marine, terrestrial and atmospheric conditions, through the development of userdriven programs and the utilization of information given by GPS and Galileo data, of terrestrial observation (satellite of European Union), of DVB e satellite communication, in-situ measurement and forecasting models.

Development of a test, validation and certification remote controlled regional permanent platform, (Unmanned Test Range), for aero and aquatic system, of any typology and dimension, integrated with actual airport infrastructures and able to exploit the space corridors already identified.

Development of new technologies for the robotic and human space exploration of Moon, Mars and Asteroids, including experimental activities in biological and medical field on parabolic flights, and ISS.

Development of new materials and technologies for astronomy and aerospace, with particular emphasis to advanced cock-pit system for aeronautics.

Development of a control, tracking and forecast system for predicting trajectories of orbiting objects around the Earth (spatial debris, microasteroids) with the aim to improve orbiting materials safety, supporting the foundation of a national Space Situational Awareness center, in cooperation with other European centers.